Die Songs - Lyrics

Try it another way

step in those footsteps
follow this path that's made for you
keep on gambling on that spinning wheel
don't change your horses
stick to your guns that helped you through
you never know what's waiting for you

so what's the use of always doing the same?
of never touching the unknown?
you can't get better crawling on day by day
you've gotta change, you gotta try it another way

another new day
another chance to make the way
things have changed but we stay the same
our way has always worked
we are right, the world is wrong
we're flying high till the plane crashes down

it's not that I know how things turn out right
it's not that I'm the one who sees
but if things go wrong, there's one thing we gotta do
we've gotta change, we gotta try it another way